IPTV Set Top Boxes Information

Before openning your Box

For the setup of your IPTV Box an active internet connection is required. There must be available an ethernet (wired) or wi-fi (wireless) connection with an appropriate router or access point.


Inside your ATN pack you have received there is your IPTV Box (platinum, golden or silver depending on your package level), a remote control, an HDMI cable and of course the power adapter and corresponding manuals.

Step 1: Plugin Power

Please attach your power adapter to the power socket of the box and at the other end on the AC power source.

Step 2: Connect your TV

Please use the enclosed HDMI cable to connect your box to one of the HDMI input connections of your TV set. When the TV is on please select the corresponding AV input.

Step 3: Get online

If you have an ethernet (network cable) connection available you just have to plug the cable in the ethernet port of your box and the rest will happen automagicaly. If you cannot use a cable and a wi-fi (wireless) connection is available, then press the home button of your box's remote control, press OK twice and find settings >> Wi-Fi. Turn this ON (press OK) and choose your connection from the list to the right. If asked provide your wi-fi password. You will be notified for the succesfull connection.

Step 4: Activate your service

Go back to the APPS screen (press RETURN on your RC) and select ATN live TV app logo at the top left corner of your screen. If not activated the application will ask you to enter your activation code. Fill in the 12-digit number you received with your package and you are ready to go.
ATN Box back panel & connections

ATN Box back panel & connections

ATN Box sides

ATN Box sides


  • Specialist HiSilicon Chipset: ARM Cortex A9 1.6G Dual-core Hi3718 CPU+Mali-400 GPU
  • Android 4.2.
  • Support Internet TV, IPTV and Interent Radio.
  • Support BD-ISO and 3D BD-ISO.
  • Support USB Web Cam.
  • Support USB mouse and keyboard operation and 2.4G QWERT Remote
  • All popular audio and video files playback.
  • Playback media files from NAS/PC via LAN or WiFi.
  • 10/100M LAN.
  • Built-in WIFI.
  • HDMI and AV output that suitable for any TV and display.
  • USB0 Host×1 and USB2.0 Hostx1.
  • LED Display at front panel and Power Switch at rear panel
  • Multilingual GUI Supported.
  • New designed IR Remote Control with virtual-mouse.

CPU: ARM Cortex A7 Quad-core Hi3798M
GPU: Mali-450
OS: Android 4.2
Memory: 1GB DDR3
Flash: 8GB

A/V Out:
HDMI interface
Composite Audio/Video
SPDIF Optical TOSLink(digital audio)

Other Ports:
USB3.0 Hostx1
USB2.0 Host×1
10/100M RJ45 port
2.4GHz WiFi
DC 5V/2A power input

Video Format:

3D Video:
Side-by-side, Up and down, Blu-ray 3D

Video Codec:
MPEG1/2/4,H.264/H.265/4K*2K/AVC,MVC,VC1,XVID,DiVX,Realvideo 8/9/10,VP6

Video System:
PAL/NTSC/720p/1080i 520Hz/1080i 60Hz/1080p 520Hz/1080p 60Hz

Audio Format

Picture Format

Subtitle Format:

File System:

Text Subtitle Option:
Font Color,outline color,Position,Size,Timeline,Encoding

Item Button Description
1 Turn on / off smart TV box
2 Buttons for TV
3 Start ATN live TV
4 Page Down / Up
5 Begin or pause playback
6 Volume controls
7 Enter / exit mouse mode
8 Return to previous screen or exit program
9   OK / open channel list
10 Arrow Right / Left    Volume + / –
11 Arrow Up / Down / Next / Previous channel
12 Open menu
13 Go to home page
14 Change resolution and display type
15 Delete number or character
16 Input numbers
17 Change subtitle track when playing video
18   Change audio track when playing video